Make your dream come true!

Buy your very own home...

with rent to own!

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Why "rent to own" your home in Ontario?

 To put it plainly, you WANT to own your own home but you think you can't... for a lot of reasons:

  • you have too many credit cards or credit accounts
  • you have a bruised credit rating
  • you've gone through bankruptcy, consumer proposal, divorce, or foreclosure
  • you're just starting out or you're a new immigrant... and you have no credit history
  • you're self-employed or an entrepreneur
  • and our favourite... you've been told that you don't "qualify" for a mortgage and you hear the bank slamming the door behind you!

And one more thing!

If you're having trouble renewing your mortgage with your lender, we might be able to help you stay in your home. 

You want to own your own home, or keep the home you currently own and you think your dream is gone!

But it's not!

You can own your own home...
or keep the home the bank doesn't want to refinance through a process called "rent to own"

As easy as it is to blame them, banks and traditional lenders are not the enemy! You've seen the headlines yourself... they respond to economic conditions, and right now, they are setting the bar high for approving mortgage applications. They also use formulas that don't include a big factor — YOU! Their job is to plug in the numbers and if your numbers don't match their "profile", you don't get a mortgage. It's as simple as that.

So all that leads to the big question...

How do we help you "rent to own" your own home?

Let's start by explaining who we like to help. We'll do our absolute best for you if:

  • you're able to start with a minimum of $12,000 (which will be part of your down payment when you're ready to buy your home at the end of the 3 or 4 year rental agreement)
  • you're willing to work with our credit repair specialist on improving your credit score
  • you've been through life-altering events such as bankruptcy, consumer proposal, foreclosure or divorce, or had to deal with health situations
  • you have a good income but you don't have any credit history
  • you have a good income but you're a new immigrant
  • you have a good income but you need to improve your credit rating
  • you're self-employed or an entrepreneur
  • you're doing everything you can to get your "foot in the door" for home ownership and you need some help! 

Here’s how to get started:

It's pretty simple—but it's up to you to TAKE ACTION!

First: Click here and read about what you need to know—how things work, minimum requirements, and your obligations and responsibilities as a tenant-buyer.

Second: After reading our information—and if you think we can help you get into your own home—click here and fill in the simple form.

Third: We’ll review your information. Then we’ll call you because we know you'll have questions. We’ll also explain what needs to happen next. 

 We hope we can help you achieve that dream soon!

Our company, 


is a proud member of CAROP (Canadian Association of Rent to Own Professionals).