What exactly is "rent to own" your home?

Good question. We're actually talking about lease options. Think about it this way—it's like leasing a car from a car dealership. At the end of the lease term, you have the option of buying the car.

And, just like in a car lease, you can give the home back at the end of the term, or you can exercise your option to purchase the home. If you do purchase the home, you have also saved a significant sum to put toward the down payment.

How is your "rent to own" program different?

Excellent question!

And the answer is... we put YOU first!

You get to choose your home—in fact, we expect it! We don't force you into a house that we've already bought—that doesn't suit your lifestyle. You work with a realtor to find the home that works for you. Yes, we have some restrictions, but those will be made very clear to you before you start shopping.

We also work really hard with you so that you can buy your home at the end of our agreement with you. We know companies that love it when their tenant-buyers don't or can't buy the house—because they make more money. We don't work that way—our goal is to have you buy the home you have chosen. 

How do I find a mortgage?

Keep in mind that you are NOT applying for a mortgage right now. You work with our team so that you can get a mortgage when you need it at the END of the RTO term.

Initially, we send you to a credit repair specialist whom we trust and who will assess very quickly whether we can work with you. Our credit repair specialist is going to treat you with respect... unlike many other mortgage brokers and bankers who won't work with you because you're not going to get a mortgage right now.

Is it really that easy?

Yes, it's that easy.

However (and there's ALWAYS a however), as a future home owner, you MUST be able to provide a down payment when it comes time to buy your home at the end of the term—usually 3 years. The great news is that part of your rent and an initial fee help you build your down payment! 

How much do I need to get started?

 As with all real estate deals, you're better off with more rather than less. Click here to see what our minimum requirements are. 

What kind of information do I need to give you?

 When we talk to you, we'll ask you some questions about your financial situation. Please understand that this is so we can determine if what we have to offer will be of benefit to you. We do ask you to be completely honest—otherwise, it's a waste of time for all of us.

And be assured, that information is kept completely confidential! 

I don't have a great credit rating. Is that a problem?

 We are not a financial institution. And we want to help you to own your own home. If your credit rating is not in the best shape, contact us. You'll be surprised at what happens when you work with us to rent to own your own home! 

I might not be able to make every rent payment.

What happens then?

 Before you move into your new home, you must sign a contract that clearly states what the terms and conditions are. By signing that contract, you agree to those terms and conditions.

If you default on your rent, we can immediately start legal proceedings. You may also lose any fees and credits that you had accrued toward a down payment. This is a very serious situation that you do not want to find yourself in.

We encourage you to review everything thoroughly, ask as many questions as you need to ask, and be absolutely sure that you understand everything in the contract before you sign it. 

Can I renegotiate the price of the home...

...after I've signed the agreement?

 No. The price that you will pay for the home is agreed upon when you sign the contract at the beginning of the term. That way, you know exactly what you'll be paying.

And if the value of your home increases more than expected during the term, you're ahead of the game—your purchase price does not increase beyond what was agreed upon initially! 

How do I get started?

It's simple. First, read the information on the page Benefits & Requirements and then fill in the form. Nothing will happen until YOU take action. So don't sit and wish for a home you can own—do something about it! 

How do I earn $250 through your referral program?

 We believe in rewarding people who help others to make a successful transition to their rent-to-own home.

This is how our referral program works (in a nutshell):

  1. You know someone who might be interested in what we have to offer.
  2. You tell them about us (just send them to this web site).
  3. They contact us. (They must contact us. We don't chase after people!)
  4. We ask them who referred them and we take down your contact information.
  5. We decide we can work together, and soon they move into their rent-to-own home.
  6. We send you a cheque for $250.
  7. We all celebrate! 

What some of our clients have to say...


“In February 2010, we were fed up with our apartment. We wanted to own our own home. We had the financial means to do so but due to a recent bankruptcy no one would give us a mortgage. I saw an ad on kijiji about rent to own your own home from Laurel and Daniel. I was curious so I sent an email. Within days, Daniel called us back and helped us through the application process step by step. The process was a lot easier than I thought. Within 2 months we were looking for our new home on mls, not at homes that they had in inventory. Daniel and Laurel were with us every step of the way offering advice on homes and how to find the best buy for our family. And now, due to their hard work and patience with us, we are living in our new home. Thank-you so much Daniel and Laurel. Without you two and your program, our dream would not have become a reality.” - Karen & Rick 

“My husband and I felt like we were at a dead-end and that we would never be able to buy a house with our low credit, until we found Laurel and Daniel of SASREIG. One call and we were on our way to finding a home. Thanks to SASREIG we are now living in a beautiful home in Spencerville that we will soon call our own.” - Bev & Rob Bova

“When we found out that we were expecting a baby, we realized we needed a house sooner than we could save up a down payment. Daniel, Laurel and the SASREIG team helped us every step of the way. Within four months from first meeting them, we moved into a house we selected in Aylmer, a house we love and that our family can grow into.” - Michelle W. & Lanze L.

"We found Laurel and Daniel amazing people to deal with. They were very good with helping us find what we were looking for and get the house we wanted. The plan they offered us was really helpful because at the time we were unable to buy the house on our own. But thanks to their plan, we'll be able to do that soon. If, for one reason or another, you are unable to buy a house at the moment but would love to move in a house you like that you'll want to buy later, then I would not recommend anyone else to you other than Laurel and Daniel." - Melanie Leaney 

Can I see some examples of homes your clients have now?

 We thought you'd never ask! We are incredibly proud of the homes that our clients have moved into and of the work they're doing to make their dreams come true.

Here are just a few of the homes that our clients have chosen.